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The Team

Who We Are
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Jessi Pearson


Jessi grew up on a horse farm in rural southern Indiana where she owned just about every animal you can imagine, but dogs have always been where her heart is. She graduated high school and then went on to pursue an Elementary Education degree. From there, she ended up changing career paths completely a few different times from an Office Manager to a Pharmacy Technician. It wasn't until she landed a job in the pet care industry that she truly felt fulfilled in her career. Jessi has been in the pet care industry for 4 years and has found her home in the industry with Puppy Manor!

Outside of work, she enjoys hanging out with her 7 year old dachshund named Toby, who is her entire world. Toby has a degenerative disk disease called IVDD, so she is continuously working with him doing physical therapy, and learning all she can about the disease, to be able to implement things into his daily life to ensure he lives the longest and most fulfilling life possible.

Jessi's favorite part of the job is hanging out with the dogs (obviously), and being able to put an anxious owner's mind at ease about leaving their fur-baby at Puppy Manor, so they can continue to come back and trust us with their pup! She also loves seeing the transformation of shy pups turn into confident, playful ones, that warms her heart! 

Vince Donuhue


Vince is born and raised in St. Pete/south Tampa. He graduated from Northeast High School and is a current student at QC Pet Studies. He grew up around large dogs and a plethora of random animals as a kid. He grew up wanting to study Zoology, but once he entered the dog care field, he found his passion lied with dogs specifically.

Vince has a giant, loveable, white German Shepard named Ghost, who loves food, and Sidney, his bearded dragon. His hobbies include collecting oddities and old historical items. He also likes to pin insects and sculpt on occasion.

Vince has been with Puppy Manor for a little over two and a half years; his favorite part of the job is getting to see dogs just be dogs! Also he gets great joy from owners knowing their dog is with someone who loves them while they are away!

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