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Are you looking for a fun, safe, and loving place for your dog while you're away on vacation or traveling?

Puppy Manor offers overnight boarding 365 days a year as your dog’s home away from home. We are the perfect place for dogs that love to play, socialize, and just be dogs in our unique open play environment.  We also offer a great option for dogs that prefer their own space, with multiple play times throughout the day at no additional charge, and an individual suite for resting.  And of course all dogs, both social and non-social, get plenty of love and attention throughout the day!

Unlike traditional kennels, boarding dogs take advantage of our full daycare schedule at no additional charge. All dogs also enjoy a well needed naps in our climate controlled facility. Our special environment will leave your dog all tuckered out at the end of their stay, so that you can enjoy a calm household when you return from your trip!

Sleeping Pups

Overnight Boarding Reminder & Guidelines

  • Evaluation: A free behavior evaluation is offered for all new dogs prior to daycare and boarding, which is simply a free day of daycare.  This will determine whether your dog can join our play groups!

  • Vaccinations: Please make sure you or your vet have provided us with updated vaccinations records. We require Rabies, DHPP and Bordetella (you may need to ask for this one specifically as it’s not a standard vaccination). You may bring the records in with you or have them faxed or emailed to us.

  • Drop-Off: Our drop-off hours are 7-10am and 3-7pm. We encourage morning drop-off's to ensure your dog gets acclimated to the group as well as enjoys plenty of play on that first day of boarding!

  • Food: You may bring your own dog food or use ours. If your dog has a sensitive stomach, we strongly recommend bringing your own food to avoid any stomach issues while at Puppy Manor. Be sure to bring it in Ziploc bags or another air-tight container.

  • Bedding: You are welcome to bring bedding or toys. All dogs are provided with bedding at no charge. We also have plenty of bowls, so no need to bring your own.

  • Medications: We are happy to administer medications for your dogs at no charge. If you have concerns about your dog’s health or medication requirements, please contact us prior to your reservation.

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