Basic Obedience Group Class

Group Classes Include:
Maximum of eight dogs per class, same dogs for each block of classes

Six 1 hour sessions over consecutive weeks (unless otherwise stated) 
First session is owners only
Q&A Sections
Phone and email support whilst training with us
Certificate of completion

We do not accept aggressive dogs into group training classes. If your dog has aggression issues, we will be happy to work with you and your dog outside of our group training classes to get you the help you need. Please contact us prior to class with aggression issues so we won’t be forced to dismiss your dog from group class.

Our Basic Obedience Group Class covers Obedience Cues and Behavioral Issues in a fun class setting to provide the added benefit of working with your dog in the presence of increasing distractions.
Working in group classes with other handlers and dogs helps with socialization and developing confidence.

Group classes are generally conducted in different locations each week to add variety and changing environmental factors to help proof behaviors.

Please contact us with any questions about current Group Class scheduling and availability.

Examples of Obedience Cues:
Recall (coming when called)
Walking nicely on a leash
Leave It

Examples of Behavioral Issues:
Inappropriate Chewing
Excessive Barking
Unruly in the House
Play or Excitement Nipping
Inappropriate Play
And much more!


We do not accept intact (non-neutered) male dogs over the age of 7 months into group training classes without prior approval from the instructor. If your male dog is not neutered, we will be happy to work with you privately or refer you to other trainers who may accept intact males. 

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