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Basic Obedience  Group Class

What is Basic Obedience?

Our Basic Obedience Group Class covers Obedience Cues and Behavioral Issues in a fun class setting to provide the added benefit of working with your dog in the presence of increasing distractions.

Working in group classes with other handlers and dogs also helps with socialization and developing confidence.

Examples of Obedience Cues:

Sit; Sit-Stay; Down Down-Stay; Recall (coming when called) Walking nicely on a leash; Leave It; Touch

Examples of Behavioral Issues:

Housebreaking; Inappropriate Chewing; Jumping; Digging; Excessive Barking; Unruly in the House Play; Excitement Nipping; Inappropriate Play And much more!

What is required?

-Maximum of eight dogs per class, same dogs for each block of classes

-Six 1 hour sessions over consecutive weeks (unless otherwise stated)

-1st class is attended by Owners Only (No Dogs).

-All dogs must be current on their vaccines with proof of results (Vet Report).

-No intact dogs over the age of 7 months. (Ask about our private sessions.)

-Please bring treats your dog really loves cut or broken into small, pea sized pieces. (We also have some delicious ones available for sale in our lobby!)  

-Pinch or prong collars are not permitted in basic obedience classes.

We do not accept aggressive dogs into group training classes. If your dog has aggression issues, we will be happy to work with you and your dog outside of our group training classes to get you the help you need. Please contact us prior to class with aggression issues so we won’t be forced to dismiss your dog from group class.

ClassDayTimeStart DateWeeksPriceStatus
Basic ObedienceMon7:30 PM - 8:30 PMMar 56$175Wait List
Basic ObedienceTue7:30 PM - 8:30 PMFeb 276$175Open
Basic ObedienceSat10:00 AM-11:00 AMFeb 246$175Open
Basic ObedienceSat11:30 AM-12:30 PMFeb 246$175Hurry

Day School

What is Day School? Lessons take place at Puppy Manor, Monday through Friday, during your dog’s daycare or boarding stay. The length of training and number a visits required depend on the needs of each dog and owner.

Day School provides customized one-on-one dog training sessions to help your dog master current behaviors or learn new ones and plenty of PLAYTIME!

How much is it?

Just $35 + the cost of daycare


Who may Attend?

Any dog that has passed Puppy Manor’s evaluation and has been assessed by our trainer. Day School can also be a great supplement to our Group Training.


How will I know what they have worked on?

You will receive notes from the training instructor outlining what was achieved and instructions on what behaviors to work on at home.

Private Lessons

Why choose Private Lessons? Private training is the perfect solution when: -group classes are not the right fit -your training needs are specific to your home or another location -you prefer to concentrate on specific behaviors during your session -you just simply prefer one-on-one sessions with an experienced professional trainer

How much is it?

$50 per 1/2 hour anywhere

$75 per hour in our facility $85 per hour in home or other location

What is the difference between group classes and private lessons? In group classes, a professional dog trainer teaches you and your classmates how to train your dogs at Puppy Manor.

In private lessons, a professional dog trainer trains your dog in one-on-one training sessions at your home and in your neighborhood, allowing for more intense focus on the specific behaviors you want to improve. Private Lessons allow for more customization based on your goals and how your dog learns best.

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