Dog Daycare & Retreat

At Puppy Manor your Dog can enjoy an unsurpassed level of care, in a clean and safe environment, from a professional team that is passionate about dogs.  The Manor is a home-like environment without kennels, cages, or dog runs.  The Manor has comfortable couches, chairs, and dog beds to lounge on between activities and outdoor time.  Some of the activities are:  scent work, bubble time, free play, one-on-one and group training, conga line, and ball play. Outdoor time is when the dogs just get to be dogs!  Our outdoor space of almost two acres contains an agility course, sand pit, and wading pools.

Puppy Manor Dogs don’t just come home happy and exhausted, they come home having learned life skills. Which enables them to lead a happy, fulfilling life  with their family.
Puppy Manor believes that You and your Dog deserve the happiest life possible.  
Our mission is to make sure that you get it, whether you want to150training

We are here for You!